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Kurzreise > Vietnam >  Ho Chi Minh City >  2 Days Homestay in Vinh Long in South Vietnam

2 Days Homestay in Vinh Long in South Vietnam

Ab € 98 p.P. 98
Enjoy 2 days in South Vietnam in Vinh Long  with a unique homestay. Experience the daily life of the Mekong Delta inhabitants and one overnight at your local house in Vinh Long.

Day 1 
Walking to visit Vinh Long market. Boating to visit Tien Chau pagoda and
the brick & pottery factory where the tourist know  how to make the brick and the pottery from the local clay and styles.
Visiting fish-raft village. Boating to the local house, preparing and having dinner with family. Chatting with the family to know the Mekong inhabitant’s life. Overnight.
Day 2
Breakfast, boating on the small canals of An Binh island.
Strolling on the village paths(cycling or rowing sampan), then visiting an orchards or a bonsai garden.
Visiting Mr Cai Cuong’s ancient house - landlord’s one in the past, farming tool display, rice planting line, the miniature pictures of the Mekong delta. A cup of tea, some of the local tropical fruits and listening to the traditional music is the best chance for relaxation.
Visiting the local pop rice, rice paper workshops, the tourist do not only know how to make cakes but also try on and taste the warm one right after processing.
Stop to visit the floating market – the original style of commerce on the Mekong river basin, the tourist will be dizzy of hundred boats on the river.
End the tour at Cai Be tourist station.

Ab € 98 p.P. 98

2 Days Homestay in Vinh Long in South Vietnam

Ab € 98 p.P.
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